April 28, 2011


Tonight when I checked Amazon Kindle, Getting Hip was rated #1 as a category bestseller in orthopedics, and is listed in the Top Paid 100 Books on Kindle. Get your copy now for $2.99! http://tinyurl.com/6kvlk3f

Getting Hip is the personal story of my recovery from a total hip replacement. I also interviewed 10 people around the world who had a joint replacement and one had his hip resurfaced. We share tips to help you plan in advance before surgery, as well as how to handle post-op physical therapy, potential blood loss, maintaining the position of 90°, and getting back to playing that golf game.

How long will your new hip last? When will you be able to drive again? What are the safest sports to play after you've had a total hip replacement? Find out in Getting Hip, currently $15.50 on Amazon.com, http://tinyurl.com/3j5cbss

Or buy it in paperback for $12.95,  including shipping and handling, by writing to me directly at sigridmac at rogers.com.  I have PDFs available as well.

Stay hip! Sigrid

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